Stretched Out

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us


Maria & Michael Fastaia


"My wife Maria and I took advantage of their free session. We both  were experiencing muscle stiffness and pain in various joints. After our  trial session, we both felt degree of relief. We immediately signed up  for sessions. With each session and our assigned "homework" of  stretching, we feel more and more flexible. After our sessions were up,  we signed up for more. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and  the facility is clean. As a couple in our 60's, we find these sessions  valuable to maintain good posture and flexibility."

Liz Caso


"I've been coming to The Stretch Joint since September 2016. I have  found that the stretching has done so much for me in my life activities.  I feel lighter and have much less tension in my body. The stretch  routine is not painful in any way and provides me with the flexibility  and range of motion needed to move on a daily basis. Any back or leg  pain has basically disappeared. The place is extraordinary clean and  spotless and offers privacy during the session. All of the staff are  professional and friendly. If you want to do something really good for  you body, you should give it a try. The first session is free, so you  have nothing to lose!"

Frank Lomangino


"For two weeks now, I have had a burning feeling and numbness on my  left shoulder, then ever since my stretch sessions at The Stretch Joint,  I don't have those feelings anymore.".

Michelle DiGaetano


I was first turned on the stretch at a bike tour event. I was happy  when The Stretch Joint opened near my home. Stretch has been great and  the staff is delightful. Rudy is awesome. Great compliment to regular  activity and exercise because often we forget the importance of  stretching.

Rena Ross


"Stretching has never been the forefront of my physical  activities...and as I get older I'm paying the price for it... However,  thanks to the team at The Stretch Join, my muscles are elongating and my  posture is much improved. Also, they have been instrumental in my  recovery from a frozen shoulder following an injury. In all my range of  motion and flexibility has improved immensely. I am so grateful The  Stretch Joint opened in Bay Ridge."

Susan Miserandino

I had surgery which left me with scar tissue and limited flexibility as well as in a lot of pain.   My Acupuncturist said I need additional assistance and that they would be able to help me, and she referred me to Stretched Out.  

I am first responder and without their help and assistance I would not be able to work.  Before coming to them, I was in constant pain and stiffness with limited mobility and functionality.  

The stretching has given me the ability to function and do my work as well as proving me with the flexibility and range of motion I needed to perform my job as well as everyday activities with less pain and no medication. 

Scar tissue takes a long time to breakdown.  I continue to attended 2x a week which has increased my flexibility and reduced the pain.   Anna is awesome!! She has helped to give me my life back - rock climbing, bowling, etc.  Anna is very knowledgeable in body structure, mechanics and physiology.  

The facility in awesome!!!  The entire staff is polite, professional and approachable.  If you're in pain and  don't want to keep taking medication and you're looking for a healthier alternative --  Stretched Out is the place!!

Joanna Bis

 The Stretch Joint has been my saving grace for my dance career. I train crazy hours during the week and I look  forward to my stretch sessions. I know that when I come to my sessions with  

weekly stretches and have never felt or stronger as a dancer. Shawn, all my troubles melt away along with my tense muscles. I look forward to my  

weekly stretches and have never felt or stronger as a dancer.

Latoya Williams

Constant shoulder pain daily, days turn into months, months into years. I have done several physical therapy session at numerous places, nothing works! I purchased a 30 minutes session from Groupon and visited the Stretch Joint on April 30th. I must say, Rudy was amazzzzing with the job he did working my arms, legs and shoulder. Within that one session I could feel a difference.
It was a pleasant atmosphere, beautiful staffs and the customer service was A+. I will definitely continue my journey with Stretch Joint and see where it will lead me within the next couple of months. I hope the same service that was rendered the first day will continue to the last. Definitely please with the given service. 

Cheryse Mohammed

I bought a Groupon for a 30 min session for The Stretch Joint after my co-worker recommended it since I’ve been complaining of my back pain! She called up and made an appointment for the next day (Saturday) morning with Anna. Boy was I surprised! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! So much that I ended up buying a 3 month package with Anna! I was so nervous & shy but Anna made me feel very comfortable. Such a genuine person with a bubbly personality! She also knows where and how much pressure to put in certain places. I am so happy that I am able to continuing booking my appointments with Anna rather than with anyone else (even though they are all SO friendly in there!). I am glad to say that Anna & I have a great friendship and I am always so happy to see her every week! I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING HER EVERY WEEK!!! She really stretches my body out. I do a lot of sitting at work and typing so she really focuses on those areas. She always informs me of stretches that I should be doing at home & tells me what we need to work on. That’s also one of my favorite things about her, the fact that she informs me rather than just doing whatever she wants and I have no idea what’s going on. I use to be in a lot of pain before I started going to her ( neck & back). I seriously notice a difference now! Every time I leave the stretch joint after our session my body feels so much more flexible. I also find that my posture is getting better. I am so happy that I have started coming to do sessions with Anna & will continue to do so! 

Paula C.

My practitioner is Luis.  You feel so amazing after 30 minutes of being stretched.  They know how to push you just enough.  It is great for your body but also for your mind.


I had been feeling very tight, and like the middle aged man I have become. It had me feeling down, and didn't coincide at all with the active lifestyle and career I had been used to. Someone recommended checking out the Stretch Joint to help me loosen up. After seeing they had a free first session consultation, I figured there was nothing to lose, so why not. After my first session, I immediately signed up for two times a week for the next three months. That's right, a minimum of 24 sessions, which should indicate how convinced I was of the benefits of going there. Within the first two weeks I started to feel younger again, more limber, and my activity level began to pick up again. The effects were further cemented when I took nearly two months off around the holidays, only to start feeling lethargic again, and desperately wanting to return for my pilates and stretch sessions. It proved to be the case, as within two classes I was right back to feeling great again. I can't emphasize enough how great finding this place has been. My trainer has been Aurora since day one, who is phenomenal, and keeps each session upbeat and unique. All of the staff is great, and I highly recommend doing what I have done, and make them a part of your lifestyle.

Lorenza D.

""I Lorenza D. have been coming to The Stretch Joint for over 6  months for severe knee pain. I was on pain killers for 2 years and as of  this date, I have been off the medication for 4 months!. Thank you  Stretch Joint and especially Luis."

Joe F.

"The main reason I came to The Stretch Joint is to improve my  softball game, increase my flexibility, and perform better without the  risk of sports-related injuries.  Jasmine is great as what she does and  gets the job done! The place is very clean!".

David B.

"Better than physical therapy!  I actually feel better and stand up  straighter than ever before!  The staff are amazing and very supportive"

Shanna S.

Almost a year ago, I came to The Stretch Joint looking for some  pain relief after suffering an injury at work. I had tried many  different forms of therapy and with nothing working. I was starting to  feel frustrated and defeated. Working with the team at Stretch finally  started to give me some relief from this chronic pain. With all of their  wonderful emotional support and hard work I am finally in a place where  I can finally compete routine tasks without difficulty and at the end  of it say 'Wow, I haven't experienced any pain today!' I am so grateful  for this place, I can't thank them enough!.

Ellen K.

""Jasmine has amazing technique and understanding of the muscles,  tendon, and blood flow in the body. After my complimentary one hour  stretch with her, I purchased a package immediately.  I felt relief in  my shoulders and neck that I haven't felt in a while!."

Thomas Trocco

"I am so happy to have discovered the Stretch Joint! After my first free session, I signed up for a series of 8 to start. After  a recent surgery, I am slowly getting back in shape, and these  stretching sessions have been crucial to my keeping limber. I just  signed up for an additional 8 sessions, and I highly recommend them!".


"The Stretch Joint is amazing and I am so lucky they opened up right  around the corner from my apartment. To say I am addicted to The  Stretch Joint, is putting it mildly. I have been going twice a week  consistently for the past 7 months and I can't imagine ever stopping. A  friend of mine recommended it to me after I pulled my piriformis muscle  and physical therapy did absolutely nothing to relieve my pain. After a  few sessions, I immediately noticed an improvement and after a few  weeks, the pain was gone. The staff is friendly, professional and  knowledgeable. I would never consider getting a massage ever again, this  is so much better and effects are long lasting. I see a difference in  my overall flexibility and posture and have less aches and pains. All  the therapists are excellent but I mostly work with James who has given  me stretches to do at home which has also helped me immensely. This is  something that everyone should be doing on a regular basis because it  works and it is that good!"


Several years ago I Injured myself and tried physical therapy for over a year, which helped for a short time but,I wasn't satisfied. It was also a time consuming experience with extensive at home activities. My goal was to be able to exercise regularly without severe discomfort. I couldn't achieve that with PT. In June 2017, I began working with James, a practitioner in Assisted Stretching (Activated Isolated Stretching). In a short period of time I experienced relief with my torn labrum and tendinitis of the leg and hip. I was trained in a few specific stretches to do at home that do not require too much time. Now, I actively swim with little discomfort. This has made a significant difference in the quality of my life. I thought I was stuck accepting the situation, but I wasn't. I no longer feel limited. Also, the team at the Stretch Joint is professional and courteous! Thanks so much! .

Ron & Donna

"A friend of mine's wife gave me a card for a free session. I was having problems with my left leg, hip and foot. I was supposed to get a hip replacement as I found out I had a bulging disc pressing on the nerve on my left side. I started going to The Stretch Joint and saw James weekly. Pain have disappeared and my flexibility has increased. "No hip replacement" Now me and my wife have made this a weekly activity. We are both in our mid 60's and feel better than we have in a long time. James, Anna, and the rest of the staff are very knowledgeable, caring, and friendly. the facility is very clean!"

Jeanmarie, Nurse Practitioner

A friend of mine who knows my chronic neck pain issues  referred me to see James (or Magic Jim as he is often called) at the Stretch Joint. I  have had neck pain for over 20 years and recently developed numbness  and tingling down my arm. I have had multiple epidural steroid  injections in my neck as well as facet joint injections and  radiofrequency ablations over the years which were ineffective. I have  also done physical therapy, chiropractic treatment and acupuncture with  limited relief of my symptoms. I refuse to take opiates or  antineuropathic agents so I live on NSAIDs which are ultimately  destroying my stomach. I was told I need a 3 level cervical fusion which  would dramatically change my life hence I'm not doing it. I went for a  free session in April 2017. The facility is spotless! Anna and Katherine  at the front desk could not have been nicer or more accommodating. I  then met with James who is a true professional. I have to say that I am  very impressed with his expertise, knowledge and more importantly the  fact that he actually really cares about getting people better! I have  now been going 2x per week since April. He was very honest with me and  made me aware from the first visit that given the chronicity of my  symptoms this will be a long process BUT he would get me better! I'm  happy to say that I get improvement with each session that lasts longer  and longer. I'm very optimistic about the future now. I talked my  husband into going here as well for his lower back issues. Luis does his  stretches and he is also awesome! I would recommend this to everyone  whether or not you have pain.

Olga G.

I  want to express my appreciation to James - a team member of "Stretch".   Thank you so much for taking excellent care of me and my mom.   Stretching sessions with you are very effective. My ''frozen"  shoulder's pain is nearly completely gone and I have a much greater  range of motion.  I have been in pain for a half a year and in a matter  of a few weeks, you have reduced my pain from 9 to 2-3!  Special thanks  for helping my 82y.o. mom to relieve her neck pain, from which she was  suffering for years.  Now she is happy and free of her chronic  headaches!  Thank you for being so caring and thoughtful of us during  our sessions.  It means a lot to hear your kind words and encouragement!  I will recommend you to everyone I know!

Diane D.

"I  have been coming to The Stretch Joint for almost a year now.   After  going for several months for my back, it was found out that my  issue  was not my back at all; it was my hip.  Bursitis and IT band   tendonitis.  Very painful and debilitating.  It was very upsetting to  me  as I spent many months treating the wrong body part.  I spoke with   James and I cannot even put into words how supportive and beyond  helpful  he was in researching and treating what I have.  He is kind and  caring  and amazing at what he does.  He has an extreme passion for his  work  which is much more than a “job”.  He truly cares about getting  you  better and improving your quality of life. The stretching regimen  he  gave me to do at home is the best and makes such a difference. I am  so  very thankful to The Stretch Joint.  Best thing to happen to Bay  Ridge.   I highly recommend giving it a try; it is life changing. The  staff is Awesome, all so knowledgeable and SO friendly; like family.    Anna, thank you SO much for all your kindness, caring and   encouragement; you’re the best!!."

Marni Levin

Just thought I’d share a game changer to my summer and my constant battle to maintain my daily pain I live with due to psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia. Aside from my year of incorporating CBD oil into my daily regimen I have been attending sessions at The Stretch Joint on 81st and 3rd Ave. The staff is warm, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable! I attend 2 days a week at a minimum (wish i could afford more) and look forward to each and every appointment. Highly highly recommend you all check it out And I highly recommend Rudy as a therapist! You won’t be sorry! —

Teresa M.

I am thrilled with the positive results I have achieved working with Anna! When I first arrived, I had a knee issue that was effecting everything I did from walking down steps to driving my car.  Within a few sessions, she had me back to normal.  I am back to being able to get down and up from the floor with my grandchildren.  Having someone help stretch you is a gift!  I would recommend their services to everyone!


I have been receiving therapy at the Stretch Joint for several months for herniated & deviated discs.  I found the treatment at The Stretch Joint is much more beneficial than when I received treatment from Physical Therapy.  The staff are very professional and friendly.  I highly recommend the Stretch Joint.

Tina M.

Wow!! This was a pleasant surprise! I went for the first time and saw Jim. He really does an amazing job!! Jim was professional and knowledgeable about the body and muscles that needed to be worked on, and the atmosphere was clean and professional. I feel so much better in just 30 mins.  Can't wait to go again! 

Jean. E. J

I started my experience with The Stretch Joint on June 9th, 2018 with Anna. From day one I've had remarkable strength in both legs and knees. I've started standing up straight and the tightness is starting to gradually go away. Anna is a very wonderful stretch therapist. (And I'm bigger and taller than her.) 

I would recommend anyone to try this method of therapy. I've enrolled for one year. That's how much I enjoy and benefit from it.

Vicario P.

The Stretch Joint is clean with a great staff. I had my first session with Aurora (stretching and pilates) and it was amazing. I signed up for 4 more... I have a lot of work to do. :-) 


I have been suffering from severe back and neck  pain for almost two years. At first I was able to just ignore the pain, but then I noticed I was unable to sit or stand without feeling pain. At night the pain would get even worse; tossing and turning until I would have to take sleep aids and pain pills. I started going to a chiropractor who basically took my money and left me worse off. I was at point where I always wanted to cry from the discomfort.  I was on Groupon one day and saw a promotion for The Stretch Joint...I was willing to try anything at this point. I made an appointment with Anna and went in the next week. Not knowing what to expect I was just hoping for some kind of relief; I got way more than that! Not only was my neck and back feeling instant relief, it was a lasting relief. I could not believe I was actually comfortable again. The staff also made my experience so enjoyable. They are all so friendly and show a genuine interest in your life and health. I have recommended The Stretch Joint to all my family, friends and coworkers; its such a beneficial place I wish everyone could experience the relief and mobility finally have. I do a regimen of Pilates (with Aurora) and stretching (with Anna) that have benefited me by keeping me flexible, strong, and most importantly healthy.


Hi.  my name is Saba and I have been going to The Stretch Joint for the past year, and I have just been so thankful. From the actual stretch sessions to the wonderful people there and the great atmosphere, it's such an awesome experience. A good friend of mine referred me to this place and I really didn't know what to expect. I thought it was more for the older group of people but boy was I wrong. Everyone talks about going to the gym or doing yoga, but physically getting stretched by these professionals puts me in such an amazing mood and made me so much more physically active than I ever was. So to everyone at The Stretch Joint, Thank You and the two professionals who stretched me personally Rudy and Anna - I'm very thankful to you both!  

Janice Higgins

When I was first diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, I was managing it.  I was in my early thirties and was pretty active so I was able to keep my muscles strong around my joints and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.  Whenever I had a flare up, I would take whatever medications prescribed, to get me up and going again.  Steroids, steroid shots, pain relievers, etc.  It all worked, to a degree, but this is a degenerative disease and over the past year, the disease has gotten progressively worse, for me, causing my bones and muscles to become weaker.  The more pain, the more medications.  I don't like to take medications and wanted another way.  I can't exercise on my own because I don't move like that anymore.  Someone suggested The Stretch Joint to me in November of 2017.  Although I felt a little "spoiled" or even lazy thinking someone is going to stretch my muscles, I thought this was the only way I could actually get myself in shape again and not just in shape but moving again.  I loved going and went twice to three times a week for three months.  (Cheaper than a co-pay for Physical Therapy and they will work on your entire body.)  In March, I thought I was good enough to go out on my own.  In May, I started having spasms in my neck.  I couldn't move.  Two months went by with doctor after doctor prescribing more meds, shots, x-rays, MRI's, as more muscles and joints became involved.  Nothing was working.  I missed a lot of days at work and so much more because of the pain I was in.  I walked into the Stretch Joint sobbing one Friday afternoon in July, and Shawn took me right away.  He put me in for treatments three times a week and I am finally getting the relief that I need!  No pain killers needed.  I am grateful to have found them.  They have literally saved my life and have gotten me moving again!  The staff at The Stretch Joint is not only very professional, knowledgeable and kind, they are also a lot of fun!  We have lots of laughs! 

Annie Concillo


"O M G! The Stretch Joint is "Better than a trip to Disney." For a  magical experience you must try a complimentary session. Suffered from  buldging and torn discs that doctors recommend surgery with 8 months of  physcial therapy 5x a week. Since joining The Stretch Joint, immediately  I started to feel better. In 2 short months my nerves are heeling, my  feelin is back in leg, no numbness and minimal back pain..Each day is  better! AMAZING staff and practitioners. Can't live without these guys.  Aren't you worth it?

Vincent Wong


"I knew for a while my legs have limited range of motion but my upper  body has a full range of motion. When I first heard about stretch joint  it took me some time to give it a try but I recently gave it a try and  signed up. I just got back from my second session with Rudy and I have  to say that I feel it and cannot wait to see how I improve after 3  months. When I started last week, I could not touch my toes while  standing up or sit up straight with legs straight out. If I can conquer  those two the next step is to see how much more I can push."

Jerry Vitale


"The Stretch Joint is one of the best things I incorporated in my  life. Coming here 2-3 times a week on a regular basis has provided me  with pain relief, flexibility, and brings happiness in my everyday life  becasue of how I generally feel because of coming here. I recommend  anyone who looking for changed, mentally, physically, and spiritually to  check out The Stretch Joint."

Ann K.

"As an aging athlete, The Stretch Joint has kept me flexible and  limber so that I can continue playing Racquetball and Tennis for many  years to come. My flexibility has improved, my sleeping has improved,  and my general well-being as well. I highly recommend it!"

Jill E.

"As a professional Chef, I am on my feet constantly lifting and  carrying heavy things. I had been struggling with pain all over my body  especially in my back, neck, and wrists. Living with the constant pain  was just my reality. Several months ago, a family member told me about  The Stretch Joint and after my first few visits I knew that this was  something that works. The stretches and exercises that I had been doing  at home just weren't the same. I am so happy to finally have found  something that makes my body feel better both at work and in everyday  life. I am so thankful for The Stretch Joint!"

Charlotte C.

"Stretch is great. It has improved my flexibility. My back pain has  almost gone away. The place is clean. The staff is welcoming. Rudy is  the person who stretches me, he is great and very nice. You will find  you feel great after coming to stretch."

Louisa Salvatore

"I love James at The Stretch Joint. I am a group fitness instructor  and I was ready to cut my work schedule due to pain and discomfort.  Since coming to the The Stretch Joint to see James regularly 3x a week, I  have pep back in my step!."

Ilisa Ammirato

"I'm writing to tell you how incredibly grateful that The Stretch  Joint, specifically RUDY, appeared in my life a few months ago. I  recently relocated from Florida to Brooklyn and was suffering a 6 month  long full body shut down due to severe sciatica. By chance I drove past  the Stretch Joint one night and called the next morning hoping maybe  some stretching could help. After 3 sessions with Rudy I could walk  again and had NO sciatica pain. Three sessions with Rudy did what 6  physicians could not do in 6 months. Rudy, you are truly a healer. Stick  with it!!!"

John W.

"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the results I am getting  from The Stretch Joint. I'm having a problem with bulging discs in my  back plus other issues causing great pain in my hip and legs. James is  not only a master at recognizing where the pain is coming from, but also  the proper techniques to help correct the problems. Thank you James. I  have recommended others to try it for themselves for their particular  issues, and they have been extremely pleased as well with the results. I  have a long way to go, but have made noticeable improvements already.  Thank you. "

Diana Dayrit

"For years, I have done research on stretching techniques, programs  and specialized equipment to help improve my flexibility in yoga, aerial  arts and even surfing.  I would have never dreamed that an  establishment like The Stretch Joint would even exist, much less  dramatically progress the advancement toward my specific goals.   Appointments with Shawn have become an essential part of my weekly  repertoire and the fact that the entire staff is so personable, funny  and knowledgeable is just an awesome added bonus.  As an active mom and  small business owner, free time can be hard to come by, but the hours I  spend at The Stretch Joint revitalize my body (and subsequently, my  spirit) in an unparalleled capacity.  In my opinion, they provide a  wellness treatment that everyone should at least try, if not permanently  integrate into their fitness/health regime!"

Tammy K.

"This place is great!  I do a full hour as the 1/2 hour session is  too short in my opinion.  I feel inches taller when I'm done and so  relaxed.  I get muscles I didn't even know existed stretched and it  feels better than a massage.  Highly recommend!"

Theresa R.

"Very pleased that I came to The Stretch Joint, not only are the people lovely, the place is spotless, and I certainly feel better than I did when I started several weeks ago. And I will continue for as long as I can."

Vincent V.

Great  place, wonderful caring staff. Aurora said when she is done with me I  will feel like 16 again. I told her let's do it then....., every week I  look forward to her stretching me out.


"Stretching  is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It is  valuable for  every aspect of one's health and at every stage of life.  Stretching  substantially condenses injury rate, postpones physical  decline, and it  is an important component of good health. While  stretching has its  benefits, another facet is having a good person to  assist in stretching  correctly. The Stretch Joint not only delivers  proficiency but the  staff is impressively kind, gentle and has a lot of  patience. It helps  immensely that the place is immaculate and  uncontaminated. I will  highly recommend any of the fabulous staff  unequivocally. "

Maureen Cann

A good friend brought me to the Stretch Joint. My improvement between then and now is amazing! They are smart and professional, very aware that the road to health is a process. Their concept of stretching is very different from the things I have tried in the past. It is gentle, yet consistant. As they work with you, they get to know the strengths and challenges of your muscles and flexibility. Each time I finish my session and leave, I know I'm on the right road. What a difference 30 minutes can make! I highly recommend them. 

Mario C.

I am very active and always on the go. My hamstrings feel  tight and have lower back discomfort. The stretch joint was the perfect  solution. This place is all new and had comfortable A/C. The staff was  professional. My trainer was knowledgeable and found my tight muscles.  He stretched my hamstrings , glutes and quads . I had personal trainers  stretch me in the past . However, this was the best stretch ! I highly  recommend trying it. Excellent customer service by the owner Joe. He  personally calls to check in and ask " if everything was ok "

Maria H.

Utterly wonderful. The staff, the space, the treatment. I  will definitely go back and I really believe this is the definition of  both making people feel good with their methods and their demeanor. A+  all around.


Take care of yourself and yourself will take care of you.  Stretching is very important. Worth every penny. Excellent staff. Very  friendly. They make you feel great.

Franklin Zambrano

This is a great place to get a good stretch, you got to ask for James, he knows how to help you gain back your flexibility and joints movements. I work out regularly but I am not to flexible, especially after a couple of broken bones and a surgery. He help me to improve my full range of motion.  

Diane K.


I have been getting stretched by Anna for 1.5 years. I always feel ready for the day after a session with her. I tried a few physical therapists for my back issues, but it was with Stretched Out that I have enjoyed relief. I highly recommend the company, and Anna in particular. Their new venue in Park Slope is the perfect environment and after an hour stretch, it feels like I am emerging from a wonderful meditation experience.