Stretched Out

What To Expect


During your session:

  • Breathe in as you get ready to do the active movement to provide oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

  • Breathe out during the stretch to eliminate CO2 and Lactic Acid as well as to provide O2 and nutrients to the tissues.  This is called the "pause that refreshes."

  • You should not be in pain during AIS.  We do not want to create 'negative tissue memory'.  You should feel the contradictions of the active muscle.  You  will feel the stretch sensation, but it shouldn't be so strong that you would describe it as pain.  Some describe the feeling as light irritation.

  • The more you actively engage the moving muscle, the more comfortable the stretch will be.  And more effective as well.  (ACTIVE)

  • As much as possible, be aware of which muscles you should be contradicting, and which muscles you are stretching.  (ISOLATED)

1st time visit info

Payment for sessions are to be made when you make your appointment. We accept the follow payments:

 Cash, credit/debit card, flex spending and health savings accounts

the evaluation

As an option to a regular stretch, we offer a 1 HR EVALUATION.  The cost of the evaluation is $125 which also includes a slight stretch after the evaluation.  The Evaluation will help us determine a client's range of motion deficiencies.  In other words, it will show us muscle imbalances and areas of muscle tightness.  Evaluation appointments must be made by phone.  Prior to your appointment, no exercising, stretching, or work outs of any kind.  As this can affect the outcome of the evaluation.


Your first visit will help us determine your problem areas and how best to address them.

  • Please make certain to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to complete paperwork relating to your visit.  Since there will likely be other clients after your appointment it is imperative that you arrive prior to your scheduled time.  
  • Please wear comfortable and loose clothing (tee shirt, shorts, sweat/yoga pants). A changing room is available for your convenience.
  • Your scheduled practitioner will review your paperwork to be certain all of your information is correct and will ask you some basic questions. 
  • During your assessment, you will be asked to perform various motions to help determine your flexibility and mobility.
  • After your assessment, your stretching session will begin.
  • Afterwards we'll give you a quick review of our stretching programs.
  • After your assessment and stretch, your practitioner will review your assessment and discuss his / her recommendations.